Essential Oils & Nutritional Supplements


Dr. Rebekah was first introduced to the importance of nutrition in 2007 with her initial visit to a chiropractor who also practiced Functional Medicine (aka holistic medicine). Her exact thoughts?


"I thought I was really healthy at the time because I was a vegetarian.  I had no idea how nutritionally depleted I was and how much better I could feel with the correct supplementation!"


We know that re-establishing the structural integrity of the body is the foundation of health. However, resolving nutritional deficiencies while correcting the spine, fascia, and craniosacral motion will allow patients to heal faster and hold their adjustments for longer.  This is important to remember as the entire goal is to support the body's natural ability to heal itself.  


Dr. Rebekah has received extensive nutritional education over the past 10 years.  She muscle tests every patient for individual nutritional needs and is able to recommend organ support from a variety of high-quality supplements available only to health care professionals. 



To learn more about the companies Dr. Rebekah utilizes for supplements click on the links below:






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