Todd Turetsky, L.Ac.

Todd Turetsky has over twenty years experience as a full-time licensed acupuncturist. He has studied extensively in Asia as well as the U.S.

The Details of Todd's Acupuncture and Energy Healing Based Path & Career 

With the heart being held as the foundation, the details of Todd’s formal study and practice of the healing arts are:


  • Attained Master’s degree in Oriental Medicine from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in 1997.

  • Holds two certificates in the practice of Japanese acupuncture from the Bastyr University in Seattle and the Toyohari association in Tokyo. 

  • Certification in Zero Balancing: Although an acupuncturist by license, Todd’s expression of the healing arts has been profoundly influenced through the work Dr. Fritz Smith, the founder of Zero Balancing. Dr. Smith, a medical doctor, osteopath, and five element acupuncturist created a brilliant synthesis of eastern and western paradigms of medicine into one treatment modality that simultaneously works on both energy and structure. (If you want we can add a ZB page and one link such as read more about Zero Balancing, please click here.)

  • Todd has also served as part of the faculty at the Acupuncture and Integrative Medical College in Berkeley, as well as at the Han University, formerly the Asian Institute of Medical Studies in Tucson. 

  • Outside of formal educational institutions, being a zealot by nature, for many years Todd has extensively and passionately sought out and studied with several masters of acupuncture and manually based medicine in Japan as well as the USA. 

  • After graduating in 1997, he practiced full-time in Northern California in two different integrative medical clinics until 2007 at which point he and his family left the USA to live in southern India for several years. Immediately after returning to the US in 2010 Todd practiced in Southeastern Washington until 2013. He then returned to Sonoma county to practice and be with his father while he was ill and stayed there until 2015 at which time he decided to moved up to Anchorage, Alaska and establish his practice. 

  • In addition to his studies and practice of the medical arts, Todd has been deeply immersed in eastern meditative practices for over two decades, which is what above all else informs and inspires his life work.

  • He also has two wonderful daughters, Jesse and Rachael, who all do a very good job at keeping him from going to sleep in the stupor of complacency.  



 Tea Drinker, Book Lover, 
Nature Stroller, Silent Contemplative Sitter, 
Acupuncturist, Zero Balancer, Cranial Sacral, 
& Energy Healing Practitioner....


"I see the essence of healing taking place when that which is essential & right, but has been lost due to various stressors & traumas comes back into alignment and gets reorganized around the pivot of our own most inherent inner wellness. When this shift takes place, what was simultaneously a stressful, exhausted and maybe even despairing existence and was likely to be experiencing chronic tensions with various aches and pains, possibly having a hard time sleeping, digesting, etcetera, is able to heal and once again express it's life energy with purpose and enthusiasm rather than overwhelm, anxiety, and fatigue.” 

Todd’s passion and curiosity about the healing arts likely began when he was a teenager and he experienced a profound shift in consciousness when being treated by acupuncture and other energy healing methods by one of his mother’s close friends. A few years later, his journey into the study of the healing arts was further solidified while he was a freshman attending the University of Florida and was taking the required course, English 101. It was there that he met the respected and famed African American prolific author and professor, the late James Haskins.  

One day in the middle of class, when the professor’s eyes met with Todd’s, he abruptly stopped his lecture to ask, “Mr. Turetsky”, what he was “doing at the fine University of Florida?” Although at that time, it was pretty clear to Todd that he was pretty much clueless about what he was doing "at the fine university”, caught off guard, Todd answered the professor’s question fueled by the voice of his father saying that he needed to study something "safe and secure", and said that he was there “to study accounting”. In response to his answer, all the professor could do was shake his head and say, “Boy, them numbers gonna take over your head and that’s a damn shame!” 

Throughout the term, the teacher would not let on the lesson he was intent on conveying to his student, and on the last day of the semester, with the teacher’s arm around the student’s back, and a glimmer in his eye, the sage-like professor gave Todd one last piece of departing wisdom by saying; “Son, please don’t let them numbers take over your head.”  

It was at this point in his life that Todd knew he needed to find and follow his own path.  Looking for guidance as to how to do this, he turned to his mother's maternal wisdom.  In response to this turning, Todd's mom conveyed upon him the lesson that would lay the foundation for his future life endeavors: “You must listen to your heart rather than to your head.” 

This “following of the heart rather than the head” led Todd into an in-depth study of the eastern contemplative and healing traditions. It was there that he came into contact with the rich philosophy underlying the East Asian Medical tradition and knew that he had found his life’s work in the never-ending study and passion for the alleviation of human suffering.



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