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David Brust, LMT


"I believe that keeping the body flexible and strong is possible and should be a goal."

David is a lifelong Alaskan that began exploring the Lower 48 soon after graduating from East High School. He has lived in about 10 cities throughout his travels.

Time after time he returns to Anchorage and believes it to be one of, if not the best city in the nation to call home.

David aims to provide quality therapeutic bodywork, drawing from a range of modalities with the intent of decreasing pain and increasing healthy movement.


David has been a manual therapist for 12+ years and revels in the faceted complexity of it all. The variety of clients and conditions that walk through the door, the advances in bodywork and working as part of a team keeps the job interesting.

David believes that educating the patient on the how’s and why’s of any soft tissue complaints is an important part of the recovery process. Instructing the patient on foam rolling or other self-myofascial release (SMR) techniques and posture exercises will accompany most sessions.

David is a self-professed health-nut and an explorer of all things that serve the human condition. He encourages self-learning and to turn over every stone until you get the answers that satisfy you.

David has been a Nationally Certified Licensed Massage Therapist since 2008 (AK Lic. # 101386). His trainings include certification in Trigger Point Therapy and Craniosacral Therapy.

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