Completing the following forms prior to your first

appointment is important.

 Click on the "Entire New Client" link, which will give you all necessary forms as a new client. If you are instructed to do only certain forms, they are separated individually below.

 Please click on the links below and complete them online; they will be delivered to Bridges via a secure, HIPPA compliant electronic submission. Be sure to complete all documents; it will take about 7-10 minutes and you must complete them all at the same time and then press SUBMIT. 


Alternately, you can print the documents and

complete them manually at this link.

Please remember to bring a picture ID and

insurance card to your first appointment. 


New Clients

The packet includes the Pre-Evaluation Questionnaire, The Office Registration form, and the Expectations and Commitment Form, and the HIPPA Form.


 This form helps you track your anxiety, sleep, pain, and medications.

Please start using this prior to your first appointment and bring it with you at that time. It provides valuable information to both you and your provider.