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Colorful Plates

Color Therapy

Color Therapy is a method to assist the body in its natural ability to balance itself. Practitioners of the healing arts have used color for centuries. Color serves to support our vital life force by supplying light energy to the system.


Color can relieve stress, stimulate energy, alleviate pain and alter mood. The body needs all electromagnetic wavelengths of natural sunlight for its circadian rhythms, including healthy sleep cycles and cycles of hormone production. Specific parts of this electromagnetic spectrum are analyzed by the eye and perceived as color. 


When color enters our body, it stimulates the pineal and pituitary glands, stimulating hormones and other physical processes. Each color corresponds to a particular area of the body as well as a particular stated of mind. The cooler colors have sedative, relaxing effects, while the warmer colors are comforting and stimulating.  


Dr. Rebekah integrates the Color Therapy into the neurological system by tapping up and down your spine with the Erchonia Adjustor and using tuning forks for vibrational energy and sound wave therapy. When emotions are balanced, general health can improve and disease can dissipate.

Every organ in your body is connected to the one under your hat.

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