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Frankie "The Dentist"

Frankie is an Australian Shepherd from King Fisher's Kennel in Big Lake, Alaska.  He's been in the office since he was 8 weeks of age and has developed a keen sense of awareness with our patients. He will be the first one to great you as you enter our beautiful, healing space. He'll stay close by if he senses the need or will simply lay at your feet contentedly.

Frankie loves kids and he loves to give them kisses! His nickname "The Dentist" came from one of his favorite little patients. As he was walking alongside his tiny human, we heard, "You should call Frankie 'The Dentist'. He just cleaned all my teeth for me!" Frankie has more talents than we knew.  

We are a dog friendly office and Frankie loves company. Please talk with the front office staff or Dr. Rebekah about bringing your dog with you to your next appointment.

Frankie & Eva
Frankie in Big Lake
Frankie Sleeping
Frankie Sleeping Under Drop Table
Frankie & the Front Desk
Frankie at Point Woronzof
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