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Image by Joyce McCown

Drop Table

Dr. Rebekah's Thuli drop table is broken up into sections, with foot pedals on either side of the table. Each section “lifts up” approximately ½ inch, then drops with the weight of the patient. Once a subluxation has been found, a gentle push will be felt over the area, and the patient will feel the table piece drop. At the end of the drop, the body’s inertia transfers force into the affected joint and the soft tissue of the body, producing the desired change in the joint or the affected fibers of the musculature.


While studying in Northern California, Dr. Rebekah found her principles and goals as an aspiring chiropractor aligned with those of Dr. William Ruch, who has been a chiropractor for 30+ years. He has dissected over 250 human cadavers through the course of his research and has 600 hours of post-graduate education in spinal biomechanics. He has authored multiple research articles as well as several books on advanced adjusting techniques and the pathophysiology of the spine and pelvis. He became Dr. Rebekah’s mentor and continues to be her mentor today.


Dr. Ruch writes, “Basic principle number one is to just be gentle and gentle and gentle!  In my experience, repetitive gentle force can replace a large force. Most of the population, in my opinion, is afraid of chiropractic care because of the big forceful manipulations that have been traditionally employed in treating patients. Most people especially do not want to have their neck manipulated. When adjusting with the drop table, gentle repetitive drops are key.”   

Thanks to Dr. Ruch’s teachings, this is the way Dr. Rebekah adjust… gentle, gentle, gentle. Gentle adjusting of the spine, ribcage, pelvis, and extremities using the drop table is the preferred method to realign joints. Avoiding reproducing the way an injury occurred during an adjustment is key and can be facilitated by using controlled, isolated, gentle drops which does not involve twisting or pulling on other parts of the body.

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