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Image by Erol Ahmed

Erchonia Percussor

The Erchonia Percusssor is one of Dr. Rebekah’s favorite tools, and patients agree! It is a hand-held percussive instrument that allows the doctor to work with the fascia of the body at a very deep, penetrating level with long-lasting effects. It has been found that fascial restrictions and scar tissue underlie many persistent subluxations, fixations, and chronic pain syndromes.


The fascia and bones of the body have electrical properties that facilitate the transfer of electrical current, allowing constant communication with the nervous system. Fascia covers every muscle, organ, and system in the body; it is continuous and all-inclusive. The smooth force of the percussive action allows Dr. Rebekah to free both the superficial connective tissue and the deep fascia before she begins her adjustments.

 Cheers to Saving the World One Spine at a Time!

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