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Detoxing FootBath

The Detoxifying Erchonia FootBath

The topic of conversation today is a Footbath!! The detoxifying Erchonia Footbath, and no it's not an “actual” bath, no one will be scrubbing your feet for you. However, if you want to help eliminate the toxins that are floating around in your body from your day to day life, then this is a wonderful process for you! I shall explain this said process.

Picture this… you are on a beach, warm breeze blowing through your hair, sand between your toes, the sun kisses your cheeks and the water splashes at your ankles. Sounds pretty amazing right?! Its kinda like that, but without the beach or sand or warm breeze or the ocean BUT you will be ankle deep in a tub of warm water, so that’s a plus! Seriously though, I'm sure we all know that we absorb so many different types of toxins during our day from things we encounter. This twenty-three-minute footbath helps eliminate those toxins by using direct currents to create electromagnetic fields that help draw out all the pesky grossness through our hands and feet! Our skin is the second largest detoxifying system our body has after the lungs! So by immersing our feet or hands into the FootBath, you are able to open up the “pathways” so to say, for our body’s energy channels to flow to and from a particular organ more efficiently which makes a happier, healthier YOU! They have found that doing these footbaths can reduce stress, increase energy (and who doesn’t want more of that!) and actually helps increase ones self-comfort and well being! GOTTA LOVE THEM POSITIVE JUJU VIBES! It also can help with headaches, joint pain, and edema!! I will warn you however, that water can get pretty nasty! Let me tell you what! And I thought I was a healthy person until my first footbath and my water looked like pond scum! But don’t let that scare you away…. It is totally worth the

gag factor!! I would completely recommend everyone try it out!! What do you really have to lose?? Besides, 23 minutes of your day and the possibility of some puppy snuggles with your local Chiropractic office mascot??!!

The Before picture... I totally forgot to take the after *palm to forhead*

Well… I shall step down off my soap box now, until I find a new subject to ramble on about!

Sending everyone Happy thoughts and Healthy Vibes!!

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