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Chemicals in our homes

Well, it’s time for me to climb back onto my soap box! A few weeks ago, I found an article that sparked my curiosity, so I decided to dig a little deeper into the subject. What subject might that be you ask? Well, I shall tell you. Today’s subject is ….. (insert dramatic music) CHEMICALS IN OUR HOMES!

It is absolutely mind-boggling what we bring into our homes thinking that we are keeping our families healthy with basic disinfectants and normal hygiene products. Did you know, according to an FDA article released September 2016, there are 19 “ingredients” that are now banned from being used in all antibacterial soaps that require water to wash off? A few of these ingredients are Triclosan and the closely related Triclocarban, which studies suggest high dose exposure can have an effect on your thyroid function, the regulation of testosterone and estrogen, PLUS has also shown the potential for causing skin cancer when tested on animals! This stuff is in our body wash, the sprays we use to wash our tables, kitchen counters, and bathrooms. It’s even in OUR TOOTHPASTE!!! I think I’ll just deal with fuzzy teeth. They have also found that Triclosan may play a role in the antibiotic resistance that modern medicine is now battling. Ummmm, wait what? Antibiotic resistance, as in the antibiotics don’t work against bacteria? That’s just from antibacterial soap.

I grabbed my metaphorical shovel and began to dig deeper into our cleaning products. I think I might just burn my house down and start all over! Ok, so maybe not that dramatic, but I knew a lot of the chemicals put into cleaning products and even our food wasn’t all that healthy for us. Once I started learning more about the side effects of constant exposure to some of this stuff, I realized how absolutely terrifying it can be!

Some of the products that say they are “all natural” or “green” aren’t. Arsenic, uranium, formaldehyde… those can be all-natural ingredients, but that doesn’t mean they are even remotely healthy for you. However, because they are “natural” it’s okay to label the bottles as such! Companies will put a label on the containers saying they are “CFC-Free”. CFC stands for chlorofluorocarbon, a composition made up of carbon, chlorine and fluorine. This ingredient has been banned since 1996, so of course it will be CFC-free! Up until then it was found in asthma inhalers, aerosol sprays, and solvents. You know, just a chemical that is found contribute to the depletion of the ozone layer. No big twig right? (insert palm to face now)

Then… oh, and THEN I read an article about 12 hormone altering chemicals and their effects on the body! For example, BPA, a chemical used in plastics that your body will actually mistake as the hormone estrogen. There are also Phthalates, another chemical group found in plastic food containers, kids toys and even some personal hygiene products. It’s no wonder our world today has so many health issues.

Look at all the toxicity we are bringing into our homes and we don’t even know it! Our body washes, laundry detergents, cleaning products and even our cookware! All this “stuff” in the products we buy in order to create a “clean” environment for our families is really just causing multiple health issues. The worst part about it is companies do not have to label ALL of the ingredients they put into their products. You actually have to contact the manufacturer in order to find out everything that is used to produce these cleaning products.

I have tried to write this blog as witty as I can, but this is something that truly astonishes me and explains so many health issues my family has either suffered from or still continues to deal with. I made the decision a few years ago to go as chemical free as I possibly could and was able to notice a huge difference in the physical and even mental health of my kids. I’m not trying to sit here and preach that all of it is bad, but it opened my eyes to a truly HEALTHEIR way to clean.

There are lots of ways to clean your home without using toxic formulas. For example, you can use Vodka! Yes, that’s right, Vodka. It’s not just for your Bloody Mary’s any more people! You can diffuse it with an essential oil to get rid of odors, spray it on your mattress as a disinfectant, it can make chrome shine, and clean windows! Who knew potato juice could be so helpful? The essential oil, Thieves mixed with water and a little rubbing alcohol works wonderful as a disinfectant and leaves a pleasant smell. Baking soda, vinegar, and hydrogen peroxide are all inexpensive and useful ingredients that are powerful cleaning agents. There are also various companies that offer chemical free, all-natural cleaning supplies that only require water to disinfect your home. I’ve mad a list of the companies below along with a few websites for tips on useful cleaning recipes you can make yourself.

Sending Happy thoughts and Healthy vibes to all of you this holiday season!!!



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