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Alternative Breast Health Imaging

In the spirit of October’s Breast Cancer Awareness month, I decided I would write a little something-something about the Advanced Thermal Imaging that our very own Sheri Higbee offers here at Avè Holistic Health & Chiropractic. For those of you who don’t know what this is, I shall explain. It is exactly what it sounds like! Pictures of heat. Sheri uses a thermal camera that is able to detect the various temperatures the breast tissue radiates. The cancerous cells will radiate a higher temperature than the normal cells will, allowing the camera to detect any kind of abnormalities… This fancy-dancy little gadget can actually detect abnormalities when they are only 250 cells which sounds like a lot, but with a mammogram (x-ray machine) the earliest it is able to detect anything is when it’s the size of a blueberry and that my friends, consists of over FOUR MILLION CELLS!!!! That’s CRAZY! It takes YEARS for the cells to grow into that. I know, probably a few of you are reading this and thinking “I don’t need that…” or “I'm too young to worry about such a thing”. Well I was the same way! But after a little bit of convincing, I caved and decided to see what this whole hullabaloo was about. And to be completely honest, it was one of the most personable experiences in that kind of “atmosphere” one could have! Sheri took me into her wonderful, little cozy space and explained the whole thing step by step. She had me disrobe from the waist up, with a hospital gown available to cover up with during the explanation process. From there, I sat for 10 minutes behind her curtain “topless”, for lack of a better term, allowing my skin to acclimate to the temperature of the room. And from there, it was easy peasy! I stood in front of the camera for her to take four pictures at various angles and then it was all done! That was it!

After listening to Sheri and doing a little bit of research myself, I learned that abnormalities can be detected in our early 20’s, which absolutely baffles me! That simple changes in one’s diet and lifestyle can actually PREVENT us from getting one of the deadliest diseases that affect women in the world today! And if found early enough, there’s a 95% cure rate! How do you argue with those odds? You can't really… It’s a scary thing, going in ​to see if you have something like cancer or if you have cells that could decide to morph into it. I was terrified to be truthfully honest. Sheri was professional and comforting, turning it into a very informative session. If you have any questions about the Advanced Thermal Imaging, I strongly encourage you to call!

I will attach the link to Sheri’s website if any of you lovely readers are interested in learning more, you can!!!

Happy Breast Cancer Awareness Month!!

Wishing you all Happy Thoughts and Healthy VIBES!!!!

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