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The VA Has Released a New Online Tool That Helps Veterans Learn About and Compare Effective PTSD Tre

PTSD is not the most comfortable of subjects to broach, even in the company of seasoned veterans, family and health care providers who have witnessed, shared and endured the experiences and consequences of war first hand.

Does talking to a friend or family really help? Are support groups effective? Or should I just get some medication and one-on-one counseling? Who can I call for help? These are important questions that need to be considered when addressing the many treatment options available to U.S. Veterans for PTSD.

To help answer some of those questions, The VA has just released The PTSD Treatment Decision Aid. The new online tool provides veterans and those who care about them an interactive process that aids in learning about PTSD. It also compares different treatments options and offers clear direction on how to take action to meet treatment needs.

Click on the image below to be directed to the VA's PTSD Treatment Decision Aid.

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